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& collaborator

On stage, on set, or in studio - Andrew has always had a passion for the creative process. Specifically, he specializes in storytelling as a director & editor and also as a fight choreographer & stunt coordinator for stage and screen.


In the music scene, Andrew has experience on both sides of the studio glass. He has produced tracks on albums and has even scored a couple short films.

In the software department, Andrew is well-versed in FCPX, Premiere, and even a bit of Resolve. A (not-so) closet tech geek, he's always up for learning the next fun tool.

Most of all though, Andrew loves to be a collaborator and help find the best & most efficient solutions to questions.

View a couple of his creative projects below. More are on the way, so check back! If you have interest in Andrew for your project, reach out HERE

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